Pregnant Woman in Nature

Are you due with, or recently had, a baby?  A postpartum doula can help you avoid the common complications that occur when people try to go it alone.  Allow me to help relieve stress, help you relax, recover and enjoy your bundle of joy.




A postpartum doula reduces stress by tackling daily chores (meal prep, laundry, dishes) and showing you shortcuts, so you can avoid exhaustion.  (Most Postpartum Complications have a root cause of exhaustion/sleep deprivation. Once you get to that point it can be very difficult to recover. Let's nip it in the bud.)


A postpartum doula helps with feelings of being overwhelmed by helping you create a plan that meets your needs with the resources available to you.  (Baby gets the best care when parents are rested and healthy. You can't pour from an empty cup.)


If you choose to breastfeed, a postpartum doula can help you recognize if your baby is getting enough, avoid engorgement and help troubleshoot supply issues.  If you choose to bottle feed, a postpartum doula will help you find the best formula for your family and streamline the feeding process.

​A postpartum doula can help you understand your baby and feel confident in your ability to make the best choices for them, and you.  


A postpartum doula supports you in whatever the day brings. Sometimes that looks like showing you how to bathe or soothe your baby... Sometimes, it's bringing you food... Sometimes, it's taking care of baby while you sleep or shower.   Other times it's sitting on the couch together and processing your birth together. Whatever you need is what you will get with a postpartum doula by your side.

Natural Instincts Family Care packages include a prenatal consultation where we can meet and make sure we're a good fit.  If you are interested in working together you can book a Complimentary Prenatal Consultation by Calling or Emailing me.

I am very picky about who watches our son and Rowan is the only one whom I would entrust to the task! She is very loving and I swear is the “baby whisperer”! She made us meals and delivered them when my son was in ICU for 2 months when born. Never met a more caring soul. I highly recommend her!

C. Terilli