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Nursing Friendly Locations on the Seacoast

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Hello again! I am all about being able to nurse comfortably. I don’t have any of my own children (yet) but plan on nursing. I consider myself an ally to those who choose to do so as well. (In no way am I bashing bottle or formula feeding. I understand that nursing doesn’t work for every family.) That being said, it isn’t always easy to nurse in public. Staring, rude comments and general lack of education makes it uncomfortable for some parents to nurse comfortably in public. In my bid to help make it more comfortable and private for those who prefer it that way I have asked a large community of parents where their most comfortable and understanding locations for nursing/pumping were. I asked three or four different moms groups on Facebook and got a rather comprehensive list from Logan Airport to Fryeburg ME! Below you will find that list. I’m going to start in Boston and work my way out from there. Scroll down to find your new favorite place!

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA - Quiet, private nursing room off of the Hemicycle Gallery; ask any staff member for directions.

Boston Children’s Museum, Boston, MA - Private nursing room within the Playspace section for infants.

Museum of Science, Boston, MA - Encourages nursing parents to nurse anywhere in the museum that they feel comfortable, but they also offer the first aid room for additional privacy; you can ask for access at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby.

Logan Airport, Boston, MA - Nursing rooms are available pre- and post-security in Terminal A. Nursing rooms include a sink, changing counter, and a fold-down seat. Many also include an electrical outlet. Mamava nursing pods are located post-security in the Women's Restroom lobby in Terminal E - departures level near Gate E9. Another is located post-security on the departures level between Gate C8 and Gate E1.

Discovery Museum, Acton, MA- A private Care and Feeding Corner is located in the Brain Building Together exhibition on the second floor. It is equipped with a dimmable light, glider chair, and outlet. A bottle warmer and sink are available nearby.

Davis Farmland, Sterling, NH - Has a private nursing area.

Burlington Mall, Burlington, MA - Nursing room in the Family washroom located just off the food court.

Cowabunga’s, North Reading, MA - family bathroom that has a nursing area and changing table.

Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA - A room for nursing parents is in the Art & Nature Center, adjacent to the art studios. Also, secluded areas for nursing parents are available on most floors.

Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, MA - Conveniently located near the Picnic Area, a private Nursing Mother’s Lounge is nestled among the pines.

Itsy Bitsy Zone, Salisbury, MA - nursing friendly staff.

The Farm at Eastman's Corner

The Farm at Eastmans’s Corner Kensington NH - Upstairs Quiet Space comfy couches, nursing friendly staff.

Luv to Play, Hampton, NH - Nursing Room

Flippity Flop, Exeter, NH - Nursing friendly environment and supportive staff.

Rockingham Mall, Salem, NH - in the wing where the restrooms are in the food court on the upper level. Private room with a big comfy chair and a door that locks

Kids World, Salem, NH - Comfy armchair for nursing parents behind the curtain in the women's restroom.

Gabriel Chiropractors, Salem, NH - Nursing friendly office and staff.

Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH - Nursing parents may nurse their children anywhere they wish in the Park (on a bench, in a restaurant, etc.), so long as it is not a “restricted area” or “safety zone” (ride enclosures, private areas, etc.) Covering up is solely at the discretion of the parent. For those guests seeking a private alternative, our Nursing Room is located at the Main Entrance Complex. The Nursing Room key is available at our Guest Services window.

It’s a Kids World Sensory Gym, Derry, NH - Quiet room in the back for nursing parents

Relief- Parents Respite and Resource Center, Hampton, NH - Comfortable couches in a nursing supportive environment.

God's Girls: Christian Store and More, North Hampton, NH - Sweet room that is cozy and quiet.

Stratham Fair, Stratham NH - Nursing Tent with changing table and rocker.

Therapy Square, Epping NH - Private area to feed, snuggle, or change your baby in our nursing nook.

Buy Buy Baby, Nashua, NH - Large nursing room There are several very comfortable chairs. There is a play area for your older child to play while you nurse or pump. There is a baby changing station. The lighting is lower than the main store.

Premium Outlets, Merrimack, NH - Nursing Lounge is located inside the Food Court in the Restroom corridor.

CoWorking House, Milford NH - They have a mother's room called Bella Luna Mother's Room. Bella Luna Sleep Consultants sponsors the room. It has a chair, sink, fridge and reading material.

Foxrun Mall, Newington, NH- Macy’s restroom, there is a room just before the stalls.

Mainely Fun Children’s Gym LLC, Kittery, ME - The small rooms are alternative space for a family looking for privacy or calm space; nursing, changing & one on one time with your child.

Dover Children’s Museum, Dover, NH - Nursing friendly with supportive staff. They also have a few semi-private nooks to nurse in.

Clark’s Trading Post, Lincoln, NH - Nursing room in the bathrooms building close to the pavilion with all of the picnic tables.

Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg ME - Mother’s Lounge next to the Old McDonald’s Farm Park.

Storyland, Glen, NH - Each women’s restroom have a nursing room. Some rooms however do not have locks but they do close. These nursing rooms have two rocking chairs, and a changing station.

Santa’s Village, Jefferson NH - Mary and Joseph’s Nursery is located off the Polar Theater lobby, with a large sink, microwave, changing spots, and separate rooms for nursing parents with chairs. Also a room for nursing parents at the North Bowl facility near the entrance and exit of the park and one during the summer months at the Elfs Lodge near the water park.

Nationally known stores that have great supportive environments or nursing lounges or both are;

Burlington Coat Factory - Ask for the key.

Motherhood Maternity - Allow nursing parents to nurse or pump in their dressing rooms.

Nordstrom - Nursing lounges equipped with comfy couches, coffee tables, charging stations and toys for older children.

Pottery Barn nationally - Comfy Couches and some are semi private.

Target - They are nursing friendly but if you ask they will let you into the dressing rooms for privacy.

Lastly this a website that helps you find and access the Mamava Nursing Pods that are popping up. www.mamava.com

Thank you to all the parents that answered my general question and helping create such a comprehensive list. Add your favorite locations in the comments!

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