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My Top 10 Baby Essentials Items

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Something I have encountered in first time parents is their confusion on what they Need to get for baby, what they may Want to get for baby and what is unnecessary for baby. A lot of the products out there today are luxury items that are not essentials. Don’t always believe what you read on the internet, especially when it’s the producing company writing about it. I have even gone so far as to create a mock baby registry on Amazon. I have sent the link to a few expecting parents who were overwhelmed by the prospect of starting from scratch. Because of an alarming trend of people buying what is trendy and wasting money that would be far more useful on the mountain of diapers instead of the unnecessary items I have written a Top 10 Baby Needs. My belief that less is more unless we are talking about diapers and wipes. My current client only had a handful of infant clothes, two or three blankets and about ten burp clothes. For the first four weeks it is all we needed. Now we are cycling through a handful of body suits and adorable little pants and socks along with those same blankets and burp clothes. We do a load a day so that we always have some on hand and it works. I digress. Below you will find my Top 10 Baby Needs list.

1) Diapers. Whether they are cloth or disposable. Diapers are the one thing that everyone agrees on. They are the most important item in your baby care kit. There are many brands out there. Do your research and find one that fits your lifestyle. However, babies are picky and their skin is sensitive. Sometimes just because we like a particular brand, doesn’t mean it works for baby. Rashes, discomfort, leaking. All of these are possibilities when introducing baby to diapers. Don't be afraid to buy a few different brands and try them all out. I’ve found Pampers work really well, and so does the Target brand. You can get them delivered through Target and Amazon, which helps cut down on the need of a late night diaper run!

2) Wipes. If we use over 8,000 diapers on our babies before they are potty trained, we use almost as many wipes. And in case of the all famous diaper blowouts, more. I know many families get the multi packs so that they always have some on hand. Working with many families I have found wipes that are unscented and remain moist are the best. There's nothing worse than a dry wipe. If you are cloth diapering you can use disposable wipes or soft cotton squares. It's all up to you.

3) Infant Car Seat. We need to keep our little ones safe. Hospitals will not let

you take your baby home without a properly sized car seat. Occasionally this means that you need an insert to size for a smaller infant. This can be tricky though. They grow out of the infant seats so quickly. There are a handful of seats that are only for infants. Companies have started selling car seats that will grow with the baby. I would suggest looking into one of those. They last longer and are rated highly as well! Having worked with a few different brands in my time with children of all ages, I have found I am particular to the Graco company.

4) Diaper Bag and everything in it. You will certainly need some version of a diaper bag. I LOVE my backpack diaper from Target. It holds all my doula gear and because of the insulated pouches meant for bottles I can keep my drinks cool, or soup warm. When looking for a diaper bag find one that is large enough to hold one or two changes of clothes, a changing pad, a few diapers, diaper cream, wipes, snacks for you, baby and any older children. If bottle feeding you will need space for bottles and formula or breast milk bags. I use my bag as my purse when I'm working. So space for a wallet, cell phone and keys is useful. This makes it so you don’t have to juggle a purse and a diaper bag. A backpack keeps your hands free for everything else you will need. This is an item I would spend a little more on. You will be using a diaper bag for at least two years and if you have a second or third child you will want one that lasts closer to five or six years.

5) Crib. You’ll need somewhere for the little one to sleep. Just like everything

else on this list, there are many options. Choose any color, shape or material you like. Make sure to do your research on the safety ratings of what you decide. If you want baby close by during the night you can get a bedside crib with a removable rail. That way baby has their own safe space but they are within arms reach in the night. Again check safety ratings and be sure it’s built properly before baby is put in to sleep. If you get one that can convert to a toddler bed, daybed and full sized bed your little one will be set until college! Don’t forget the mattress, sheets and waterproof mattress pads.

6) Changing Table. This is another thing you can save on. If you get a dresser you can fill the top drawer with diapers, changing pad liners, diaper cream, wipes and changing pad covers. The rest can be filled with baby’s clothes. The changing pad itself can be put on top of the dresser. Multi purpose and long lasting! My sort of set up.

7) Clothes. You will want to get clothes in many sizes. Remember to keep them seasonally appropriate. If you are having a summer baby don't worry about a newborn fleece. Clothes ranging in size from newborn to 6-9 months. This will cover you for the first few weeks and months of baby’s life. Bodysuits (also known as onesies), socks, mittens, pajamas, sleep sacks and easy slide on pants. If you can get larger sizes too in pants, shirts and the like you should. They grow so fast! Having the larger sizes on hand will make your life that much easier later on.

8) Accessories. Please don’t bling out your baby with watches and purses. Those aren’t the sort of accessories I mean. Blankets, pacifiers, bottles (babies can be picky, so get a few different brands) wash clothes, drying racks for the bottles and burp clothes. I also suggest a carrier, whether it be an Ergo Carrier or a Moby Wrap having a hands free way to carry baby on days where they don’t want to be put down will be very useful! The list can sometime seem endless when you are trying to think of everything you may need. You can always send me an email to get the link to my list if it helps.

Photo by Micael Widell on Unsplash

9) Stroller. Brands, colors, number of wheels, safety ratings. SO many things to consider when you are searching for a stroller. My suggestion is find your car seat and find a stroller that it will fit with. Many brands have stroller car seat combinations for purchase. Finding one of those would be good. Again, my experience has me favoring Graco. But find something you are partial to. Don't be afraid to go to the store and give the floor models a spin.

10) Bath time needs. Babies have very sensitive skin. Something as mild as lavender could cause a rash or reaction on an infant. I suggest that for the first few months an unscented shampoo, body wash and lotion are used. After that lavender or chamomile bath supplies may be good. Especially if you bathe your baby at night. Other things you may need for bath time: an infant bath (I grew up using a well cleaned kitchen sink with the babies so I don’t find this a necessity) wash clothes, towels and a baby toothbrush. They have these adorable little banana simulation brushes that are used to clean baby’s gums and gets them used to the idea of a toothbrush.

That’s it. My Top 10 List of Baby Essentials. I hope it was helpful. If you'd like to take a look at my mock Amazon registry you can do that here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2Q1PRTAQ0FX8A?ref_=wl_share

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