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Meet Your Doula

Hello! I'm Rowan, thank you for stopping by! I am excited to share my services with you. I have been working with children and their families for over ten years and love that my passion has become a business to help you recover from birth and bond with your baby. I have 7 nieces and nephews. The oldest having been born when I was 9 years old. I fell in love with babies then. I have constant baby fever. None of my own yet, but it will happen when we are ready. When I'm not taking care of families and their babies you can find me on stage with local community theater groups, reading a good book or baking in my tiny kitchen. I almost always have music on in the background. Singing is my hidden passion. You will catch me singing lullabies to your baby while you shower or nap. I love what I do. Providing you with the support and grace to heal, bond and rest is my not so hidden passion.


When I say that I am a postpartum doula, many folks ask what that means.


Typically I work in 3-5 hour shifts. When I first arrive, I wash my hands and then check in with you to see how you are feeling, how the night went and ask what you need done that day. Usually, it’s laundry or dishes. I always encourage a shower or nap at some point in my shift. Based on what you need most, we take it from there. Don't be surprised if we sit quietly with tea and baby to chat about the night or process your birth experience. I'm here for emotional support as well as the practical day to day.


If you have older children they tend to get my attention until they go down for a nap or quiet time. This gives you time to focus on baby and yourself. I will also baby-wear so you can take a bath or eat a meal with both hands. I can teach you how to use your carriers as well!


Unless you choose to not have one made a shift will end with a warm meal prepped for you and your family. For prenatal families, I will prepare freezer crock pot meals for after the arrival of baby so that they can thaw it and put it on easily. Fix it and forget it, my favorite sort of meal for busy families. 


Some days new parents are feeling overwhelmed by visitors and company or household chores and just want some quiet time alone with their baby. I’ll make sure you are all comfortable, make sure you have a healthy snack, water, and phones, etc. I will entertain your visitors or field phone calls so you can rest. Then I’m on to the housework. Dishes, sterilizing bottles, changing sheets, laundry, etc.


Other times, a new parent is feeling exhausted and needs the chance to shower or take a good nap. Sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby is no walk in the park, and new parents need to take every chance they can rest. While you take a nap, I play with baby if they are awake, or wear them and get on to the housework.


I’m with every family with the goal of building you up. I allow you time to build confidence in your abilities to care for your family, home and yourselves. I do my best to set you up for success. Whether that is troubleshooting breastfeeding concerns or teaching how to tightly swaddle baby; giving you resources or listening to your concerns. I want you to succeed as a parent.


Every day and every family is different. Sometimes I am helping an older sibling transition to the new addition. Other days we are making a Target run so that everybody can get out of the house for an hour. I love watching parents blossom as they grow more confident in daily home life and getting kids and/or baby out of the house.


A new baby can turn households upside down. This is a time to be treasured and looked back upon with love and happiness. It is not a time to struggle alone with lack of sleep, a fussy baby, or household concerns. You deserve to feel nurtured and supported during the transition and it is my pleasure to provide that support!


If this sounds good to you feel free to reach out to chat with me about how I can help you or a loved one. You can also purchase a gift certificate for the expecting families in your life. naturalinstinctsfamilycare@gmail.com

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